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05 October 2008 @ 02:45 am
C1 Voting!  
Yay it's time to vote!
I had 5 people make 18 awesome icons! Thank you!!!

Y'all know the drill:

- Do not vote for yourself.
- Do not post your icons anywhere else before the results are posted.
- Don't show anyone your icons.
- Please don't solicit votes for your icons. You can definitely tell other people to come and vote (as long as they have LJ accounts), but you can't tell them which are yours.
- You do not have to be a member to vote, but you do need to have an LJ account. Anonymous votes will not be counted.
- Please vote for icons based on quality, not fandom.

Icons will place in the following categories:
First place, second place, third place, Mod's choice, and this week's special category, best use of color.

Votes will be weighted, please vote for the best icons IN ORDER.

Please copy and paste this voting format into your comment and use it when you vote.

*Please note that the numbers are ABOVE the icons*


Voting ends Wednesday, October 8th at Midnight EST
Happy voting!
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