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27 September 2008 @ 10:45 pm
Hey, guys!  Thanks to everyone who's joined so far! 
I still need more members though before I can post the first challenge... so if you have friends that you think would like to join the community, tell 'em. 
I also have a couple of banners up on the community profile page that you can use.  Yeah, I know, they suck, but whatever. 
Hopefully I'll be able to post the first challenge within the next week.  :)

Also, if you guys have a few minutes, go through the movies I have listed in the interests.  There's not a whole lot there, so I need suggestions.  

Tell me what movies you like (based on a book!) that you want to see there, or which movies there you would especially like to make icons of.  Or both.  Or ideas for a challenge.  Whatever you've got.  I want this to be a community that people actually like being a part of, so I'll listen to whatever you have to say!  Any opinions / ideas would be greatly appreciated!

You can comment here or the suggestions post for this one, whichever is easier.

Again, thank you all!
Current Mood: creativecreative